Children’s Book About Emotions for Toddlers:

Want to help your kid learn about emotions?

Being a toddler is an interesting time. At this age, children are learning a lot about what’s around them and discovering themselves. Any big emotions can overwhelm them. That’s where a good children’s book about emotions for toddlers can come in handy.

First Things First: Why Teach Toddlers about Emotions?

Learning Emotions Keep Unhealthy Behaviors at Bay. Kids must learn how to interpret feelings and emotions at a young age. By using the right tools, your toddler will develop skills required to recognize their feelings and be self-aware. This, in turn, will help your child stay out of trouble later in life. Reduced emotional stress will lead to healthy behaviors.

Become Their Best. If your kid emotionally suppressed, he or she will not be able to function at full capacity. Your child needs to resolve feelings and emotions that might stick around. If not, he or she will feel drained in terms of mental energy.

It’s Good for the Parent Too. A toddler who is in tune with his or her emotions and feelings is easy to encourage, nurture and control. When your child is happy and emotionally healthy, you will be happy to as a parent.

Emotional Intelligence is a Life Skill. Prepare your child for life ahead while he or she is still young. By using children’s book about emotions for toddlers, you will give your child the right tools to power through teenhood and adulthood.

How to Teach your Child about Emotions

There are many ways you can effectively help your little one learn about emotions and feelings:

  • Use easy to understand feelings words like happy, sad, smile, etc.
  • Take advantage of every chance you get to talk about emotions with your child
  • Surround your child with positive reinforcement and healthy feelings, but don’t forget to let them explore their emotions.
  • Model good ways to deal with emotions/feels

Use Picture Books

There are many books that teach children about emotions. However, not all of them are suitable for toddlers. You can always go with a quality book like Children’s Book about Emotions for Toddlers by Thomas K. Evans.

This is a fabulous picture book with high-quality images that kids can relate and use to learn different emotional states. It is simple, visually-rich, and there are two characters (a girl and a boy) that act out various emotions. This makes it easy for your little one to follow. You can get both the Kindle & Paperback versions at below links. You can also view samples.

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