Children’s Books About Kindness:

“Kindness and a good heart are the foundation for success in this life, progress on the spiritual path, and the fulfillment of our aspirations,” Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama is right on the money. In a world where meanness and bullying are notorious in our schools, kindness and compassion can go a long way. That’s why it is prudent to teach your little ones this virtue at a young age. You can by using children’s books about kindness.

Why Teach Kids about Kindness

There are plenty of reasons to raise your child to be a nice, caring and kind person.

Kindness is beautiful – Have you ever seen someone get in trouble for being kind? I’ll wait.

Kindness leads to happiness – People are sadder than ever. We are stressed, ever-busy, and tend to forget about the little things like being kind and compassionate. Being kind makes us feel good about ourselves. Science says these good feelings encourage our brain to produce happy-feel hormones called endorphins.

It is good for your kid’s well-being – Our kindness doesn’t just benefit others. Being kind will give your child extra peace of mind, the pleasure of knowing others are okay, and it helps develop a social connection. Let them read kindness books for kids together.

Kindness builds trust – We know that kindness is contagious, which can help encourage others to be nice to us and those around them. This give-and-receive act is what helps children cultivate and nurture trust.

How to Teach Children to be Kind

Light the Way for Them

Your child looks up to you. Show your little ones that kindness is important through actions. Lead by example. Treat others well, share, smile and always use kind words in the presence of kids.

Say ‘Thank You’ More

Nice words can melt even the sulkiest heart. Say ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’, ‘bless you’, ‘please’ and other kind words often.

Share Kindness Stories

Stories are a fun and easy way to teach kids. That’s why using story children’s books about kindness should be your top priority. They can read on their own. You can read it to them before bedtime, and any spare time.

There are a ton of children’s books about being kind, but only a few will help your child. One of them is Superhero Marty: I Like To Be Kind by Thomas K Evans. It takes your child through the adventures of Marty as he displays acts of kindness to people around him. It’s a well-thought-out children’s book about kindness that’s fun, exciting and easy to follow. Check out both Kindle & Paperback versions below to view samples.

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